Best Legal NHL Online Betting Sites in Iowa

Iowa became the latest state to allow sportsbooks to start operating with the signing of SF 617 into law. If you love watching the NHL, then it’s fantastic news for you. With the sports betting legalization in the state of Iowa, players can now register and play on sports betting websites. The online sportsbook will use geo-location technology, indicating your device will have to be indefinable by Wi-Fi. After that, bets can be placed on the events and win huge amounts. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission oversee the IA online sports betting sites, and on 15th August 2019, the first betting website went live.

Best NHL Betting Sites in Iowa
DraftKings Sportsbook Logo

DraftKings Sportsbook

Deposit Bonus up to $1000

WilliamHill Sportsbook Logo

William Hill Sportsbook

Up to $500 Risk Free Bet

Elite Sportsbook Logo

Elite Sportsbook

Deposit Bonus 50% matched up to $500 + Risk Free Bet $500


Since the launch to date, the Iowa NHL online betting is continuously growing, with many newbies signing up on sports betting websites. Many players are there who wait to become 21 years so that they can start playing. For a comprehensive guide as to which site to register in, the tournaments to bet, types, etc., you should go through it.

Where to Bet on NFL Matches Online in Iowa?

NHL Betting SitesIowa residents are interested to know about the IA mobile sports betting app to bet on games. Many online gambling websites are there, and it is expected that some are going to launch in 2021. Well, the online sportsbook through which you can bet on events are:

PointsBet Sportsbook

It is an Australian company and is available in Iowa, offering a variety of bonuses. On signing up, players get $250 in a free bet on deposit, and the code to be used is BONUSNOW. With a great welcome bonus, it has online sports betting app for iOS and Android, and 17 other sports are there to bet on. The high-risk and high-reward option is exclusive for experienced bettors and has a deal with Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington.

DraftKings Sportsbook

The long-time legal sports betting in IA offers a user-friendly platform with an exclusive sign-up bonus of $1025 for free. Categorized in two parts; the first part of the bonus is a $1,000 deposit, and another is a $25 free no deposit bonus. From in-play NHL betting to over/under, exclusive wagers are available. Each one is different and gives rewards after winning. The logo of DraftKings is throughout the mobile app, and it has retained a green and black scheme.

William Hill Sportsbook

The William Hill betting website gives a $500 free bet on deposit with unique weekly bonuses. The promo code to be used is LEGAL500 and is launched in August 2019. Signing up on the betting platform is easy, and it has a huge fan base because of the promotions. Installation of the Iowa sports betting app is easy and is available for both iOS and Android users. Create a new account and start placing wagers on NHL events.

Elite Sportsbook

The parent company Elite Casino Resorts, LLC has come up with the sports betting app in August 2019. With a risk-free first bet and get a 50% up to $500, and enjoy playing on the Elite sportsbook. It has an excellent customer service section, offering an amazing experience. To bet on NHL here, be 21 years, and for making transactions, various methods are available. Numerous alternative bonuses are given to experienced bettors to boost their bankroll.

NHL Wagering Types Offered by Online Sports Betting Websites in Iowa

NHL Betting SitesNot only do the websites allow you to bet on various sports, but also offer a variety of NHL bets. If you are a newbie, knowing the details about every wagering type is important. The wagers are:

  • Puck Lines: Similar to point spreads, and here, the odds on hockey matches are designated by negative and positive signs. For you to win, the favorite needs to make more than the line, and for underdogs, it should be less.
  • Moneyline: A straightforward wager, and it is placed on the NHL team that will win the match. Odds are expressed as positive and negative signs and are crucial. The easiest way to remember is the plus sign means more money, while the opposite is for negative.
  • Spread: It is a common hockey bet and is available in almost all sports. For winning, ensure to cross the spread stated by the bookmaker.
  • Parlay: It comes with two or more wagers and is risky. Get a high reward if you can win all of them, but it is of no use if you win all and lose one. For a small initial stake, win a higher amount, but it’s a challenge.
  • Futures: Bet on a future NHL event as and which hockey teams will play NHL Finals. Of course, it is within the same season, but not like the event is tomorrow, and you are placing today.
  • In-Play Betting: It is an exciting NHL wager and played when the match is live. Here the odds will vary on the terms and conditions of the hockey match and need some guesswork.
  • Totals: It is a predicted score that both teams will make. Two variations are there under and over; under is if you think the value will be less, and over for the opposite.

Everything About the NHL Tournaments

The National Hockey League is divided into three sessions; the pre-season, the Stanley Cup, and the regular season. During the last two weeks of September, the pre-season takes place. In the month of October, the regular season starts, continuing till early April, where 82 games are played. From per conference, two wild card teams, and from every category, the three highest-placed teams enter the playoff elimination tournament, determining the Stanley Cup champion.

In National Hockey Leagues pre-season, six to eight matches are played by each team, allowing coaches to evaluate. In the regular season, every team plays four to five games against others. The teams also have a mandatory bye week when no regular season takes place.

For Stanley Cups playoffs, 16 hockey teams qualify with the best of seven series, out of which three are chosen. In the first round, the lower-ranked wild card goes against the first round. The outcome of all the games will determine who goes against each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.

National Hockey League All-Star Game

It is an exhibition ice hockey game and takes place at the time of the regular season of NHL. It happens either in early February or late January. In November 2015, significant changes were announced, stating four all-star games will take place, depending on the four divisions, instead of one game.

Betting Tips to Consider for All of the Gamblers on IA NHL Online

NHL sport is considered a niche sport by many people, offering tremendous opportunities to make money. To be successful in the sports leagues, check out the tips stated here.

Follow the Schedule

It is an 82-game and is the most physical sport. It is common to see a mismatch in a team playing its third match against a rested team. Fatigue is a common issue in hockey, and your knowledge of the schedule will help bet on individual NHL games in IA.

Who Are Your Goalies?

NHL Betting SitesGoalies can have a major influence on the hockey odds, and every team will have a primary goalie with one backup. Follow the goalies’ trend, and betting on him is an excellent strategy. When he is on the NHL event, he can shut down the most scoring team.

Wager on the Underdogs

Most importantly, wagering on underdogs on a Moneyline is building into the return. If you can hit at least 40% consistently, it can be turned into a profit in the long run.

Track on News Updates

Check out the news daily so that you are updated about the latest information. If a player has got a small injury, you should be aware of that as well. All such things can increase your chance of winning, leading to which you can earn more money.

Shop Your NHL Lines

Wager on money lines with the total lines, once you have a good grasp on the game. An excellent strategy is something to handicap a matchup irrespective of Moneyline odds.

Latest News on NHL Betting

According to ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski, the season is expected to start from 13th January 2021. The confirmation came on 7th December, and the training camp will begin on 3rd January 2021.

Final Notes

Daily Fantasy Sports can operate in Iowa, which is why so many licensed and regulated live betting have come up. If you are interested in hockey, pick up the right IA retail online sportsbook and try your hands at wagering on HNL. Consider collecting all the information about the odds and start playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on NHL online in IA?

Yes, it’s legal. Choose a licensed website in IA and check out the bonuses and sign up. Do not forget to check out the bonuses offered by it.

How to bet on the NHL playoffs in Iowa?

Once you have registered on the website, start betting on NHL playoffs and win rewards. Check out the variety of wagers being offered by the sportsbook.

How to bet on the NHL All-star game? 

Similar to all other tournaments, wager in it by choosing s website. It’s a fun activity and a great way to earn some money.

How old should I be to bet on the NHL in Iowa?

Attain the age of 21 years and bet on the match while watching it. The increase in the demand for the sportsbook indicates how players are taking part in it.

What is the best IA site to bet on the NHL?

The best IA sites are DraftKings, PointsBet, and William Hill. They are categorized as the best because of the welcome bonuses and maintain fair-play.
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