A Guide To The Best Free Iowa Horse Race Betting Sites Online

Iowa is a famous ground for horse betting scenes. Sports and online wagering is legal in this state of the US from 2019. This article about horse betting sites is intended to give you an overview of the online horse sports betting scenario prevalent in Iowa. The state’s bettors can place bets in three ways: land-based casinos, online horse betting sites, and off-track betting offices. Gambling enthusiasts with an interest in horse races have an opportunity to try their hands on legal sports betting in Iowa with it.

Best Horse Betting Sites in Iowa
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What are the Top Iowa Online Horse Betting Sites?

Online sports betting is popular in Iowa; however, it increased manifolds after it was made legal in recent years. Gamblers choose their favorable mode of betting to try their luck. When one chooses Iowa horse betting, punters will be spoilt with choices while selecting an online casino. However, we have listed below the best betting websites to place bets on horse sports and briefly discuss them.


horse betting sitesThis sports wagering website is one of the best IA Online Sportsbooks for Horse Bets in terms of the experience it provides to its players. BetAmerica is highly reputable and has been in business for over 20 years. It engulfs over 100 US tracks and also allows bettors to wager on international racing. Simultaneously, gamblers can also enjoy handicapping contests and greyhound betting.

Offers And Bonuses:

  • 100% Match Deposit Bonus is that you receive up to $100 when you signup for the first time on the betting site.
  • First Deposit Bonus where all new players are eligible for up to $500 when they make their first deposit.
  • VIP Program is a loyalty program wherein the players are awarded points for every bet they place on the gambling website.


horse betting sitesAnother most renowned online casino for Betting on Horse online is Twinspires. Although it emphasizes race replays and live racing, it also provides its players to try their luck on more than hundreds of race tracks from across the world.

Offers And Bonuses:

  • $100 Bonus Boost gives gamblers $100 bonus funds when they play $500 bets in a month after signing up.
  • Insurance to help if there are no winners at the gamblers pick 4 or the horses slow down during the race.
  • Free Past Performances
  • VIP Program
  • Free Bets for referring a friend


horse betting sitesTVG has also garnered a massive fanbase among the Iowa online sports betting sites. They facilitate players with their TV channel and live streaming on their online betting platform, and a bettor can enjoy all of these features while wagering. TVG covers a wide range of race tracks both within the country and internationally.

Offers And Bonuses:

  • Wagerers can claim up to $250 as a first deposit bonus with promo codes.
  • TVG Wager Rewards Program awards loyal players points every time they place a bet.
  • Insurances that cover you pick 4 and slowdowns.
  • E-check Deposit Bonus, which players receive while depositing money using an e-check.

Types of Wagering Options Available on Iowa Online Horse Betting

horse betting sitesThe different types of wagers to place on online horse betting in Iowa are as follows:


When gamblers place such a bet, the horse they have wagered on has to win. However, the payoff is decided based on the odds of the win. There is an average chance of winning with such a bet.


A place bet is won only when the bettor’s horse wins the 1st or 2nd position. The payoffs are a little more than average. But the chances to win the bet are slightly higher in this case.


Wagerers can place a show bet, which is won when their selected horse comes 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the race, but they receive a payoff that is relatively modest. However, the chances of winning the gamble are at their peak.


The name of the bet is somewhat indicative of what it means. The horse bettors can pick more than one horse and set an order of winning. The bet is won when the horses stand at the 1st and 2nd position in the exact order. It involves a lot of risks, and the payoff will depend on the odds of the animals. Exacta is a hard-horse bet to win.


A wagerer can choose many horses, which should bag the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the same order as selected while placing the bet. This wager can be a bit expensive when played with multiple horses. It, too, is a very tough gamble to win.


It is tough to win the horse bet; even placing one will require the bettor to spend lots. In this wager, horses have to finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th position according to the order set while placing the bet. However, there is a possibility of winning a considerable payoff.

Pick 5/6

In this horse bet, the gamblers’ horses have to triumph in five/six races consecutively. The total payoff is divided between those wagerers who picked 5 and those that chose 6 from the latter’s betting pool. The pick 6 winners get 75%, and the pick 5 winners obtain 25%. It is a home run wager and is on the expensive side. Pick 5/6 needs strategy and a lot of thinking while placing the bets.


These horse bets are placed on potential entrants before the line odds are decided. It also has the possibility of a huge payoff. However, winning this wager is not a piece of cake.

How Can You Watch Horse Races in Iowa for Online Betting?

Online horse racing bettingWhen in Iowa, gamblers have fewer options of watching horse racing than the rest of the US states that allow sports betting. But the ones that offer the facility of enjoying a live race will ensure the wagerers do not miss the real fun. Some of the options are:

Online Applications

Residents of Iowa can go to online applications that offer horse betting. These apps enable them to watch live racing online from compatible mobile devices. Bettors can enjoy the events without having to leave their comfort zone.

Online Streaming Websites

Websites, such as TVG, offer their players the opportunity to be spectators of horse racing from their online sports betting platforms. With the help of video streaming technology, these online casino operators can bring race tracks to the homes of their fans.

TV Channel

Several casinos have their TV channels to bring the fun of watching live horse races to the television screens of the gamblers who placed a bet or otherwise.

Race Tracks

Betting enthusiasts also can visit a horse race track if they ever get a chance to. It is a unique experience and an exciting way of watching horses galloping their way to win.

The Online Horse Betting Signup Bonuses in Iowa

Horse Betting signup bonuses are an excellent way to attract new gamblers to various online casinos. Likewise, in Iowa, different websites also greet their new players with a welcome bonus. These rewards vary from one betting site to the other. Some of them are:

Deposit Bonus

One famous Iowa sportsbook is the Draftsking, which offers up to $500 to first-timers who make their first deposit. It comes in the form of bonus cash.

Money Back Bonus

This type of horse betting signup bonus is available in PointsBet, where the wagerers make their first bet, and if they lose, they get their money back.

Welcome Bonus

Bettors get seven days to wager $50, and when it hits, the online casino offers them another $50 to spend it the way they want. William Hill sportsbook is famous for this bet.

Tips to Consider to Improve Your Online Betting on Horse Races in Iowa

The tips mentioned below will help you better your horse betting skills. Let us look at them.


When it comes to betting on horses, hundreds and thousands of players have been playing for several years. You have to do your research well before wagering on to stand a chance to win the bets.

Consider Different Bets

It will be wise to place different bets and make strategic use of them if you want to up your gambling skills. It will also increase your pay-off chances.

Bet on Several Races

It will help place wagers on more than one horse race to increase your winning chances. However, it would be best if you also kept in mind not to bet on every race you come across because it will only harm, then good financially.

Manage Finances

An expert gambler also knows to manage their finances. It will be best that you place bets according to the amount you can finance. Borrowing from other sources for the same can never be a wise option.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic took a toll on almost every operation globally, and horse sports betting in Iowa was no different. Everything had come to a standstill; however, now, races are gradually coming to normalcy and holding races in various parts of the state. Along with it, betting is also coming to retake its form.

Online sports betting is rising in fame, and it is not here to stop. It has become more convenient for gambling enthusiasts to wager on various sports online. With easy depositing and withdrawal money options, online casinos have been able to attract a considerable fanbase. If you have a knack for betting, you try your hands at placing online bets on horse races.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to bet on Horse races online in Iowa?

Yes, it is legal to place bets on horses online in Iowa since 2019. Online casinos have made it convenient to wager on several sports on the web.

How can I bet on horse racing in Iowa?

You can wager on horses' racing events from the various websites, mobile apps, and casinos available. Some of the trusted and best sites are BetAmerica, TVG, and Twinspires.

Where can I check Horse racing odds in Iowa?

You can check the horse racing odds on all the established online casinos. There are dedicated sites that compare those odds by different sportsbooks, making it easier for you to do the evaluation.

Are there options to bet on virtual horse racing in Iowa?

Yes, several sites, such as William Hill, offer you the option to wager on virtual horse racing.
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